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Q. How often will you call to clean my windows?
A. Whilst I will stick to the agreed schedule with you, normally every 4 weeks or every 6 weeks, I will not necessarily call on the same day each month. There are too many factors affecting this - weekends, extreme weather, holidays and unforeseen disruptions to scheduling.

Q. How will you know when I have called?
A. If you are out when I call I will leave a card stating that 'Your windows have been cleaned today', together with a stamped addressed envelope for you to return with your payment.

Q. How do you ask for payment
A. Please pay us when I clean your windows if you are in at the time. I accept payment in cash, by cheque, via PayPal, Standing Order or by bank transfer. If you are not in then just send your payment back to us in the SAE I will leave with you. I ask for payment to be made within 7 days for domestic customers and in accordance with individual agreements for commercial customers. If you are going to be away then let us know that your payment will be late. If any problems are likely then just let us know. If payment still has not been made after 2 cleans have been performed then we reserve the right to suspend my services until arrears have been paid in full.

Q. How much do you charge?
A. Each house or premises is different. The cost for cleaning your windows will be dependant on a number of factors including the number of windows, difficulty of access, hard to reach windows, type of windows and state of repair.

Q. How often will you review your prices?
A. Our price will be reviewed annually in line with inflation, fuel cost rises and insurance premium increases.

 Q. What happens when it rains?
A. I will have to continue cleaning in light rain in order to provide you with a regular and reliable service. If it is raining heavily or very windy then I will not clean for health and safety reasons.

Q. Why do you clean in the rain?
A. Windows are made dirty by airborne particles such as road and industrial pollution, farm activity, dust, pollen, bird and insect excrement and any number of other microscopic particles. Rain does not make windows dirty being almost as pure as the water we use in our water-fed pole systems, therefore cleaning in the rain has no adverse effect whatsoever on the quality of the clean we deliver, and thus we still work in the rain.

Q. What happens if I am not happy with the way you have cleaned my windows?
A. We will, in all cases, come back free of charge to fix the problem. This guarantee is conditional on any request being made within 24 hours of our visit.

Q. I have an existing window cleaner but recently he has stopped coming. How reliable are you?
A. I aim to be 100% reliable – it’s a founding principle of our business. We recognise there is nothing more frustrating than expecting a regular service and not getting one.

Q. I have heard that window cleaners are moving on to new methods of cleaning windows using water-fed poles and pure water. What cleaning methods do you use?
A. We predominantly use water-fed poles, quickly becoming the industry standard for responsible, professional window cleaners, however we also use traditional cleaning techniques where the job requires it. Please see our page on “Water-Fed Poles and Pure Water Window Cleaning” on this website for further information.

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