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A regular, reliable and professional window cleaner in Derbyshire where safety is as important as customer satisfaction.

At Peak Reach & Clean Window Cleaning safety is paramount. Window cleaning is considered one of the highest risk jobs in Europe, and a huge percentage of this risk is related to work at height from ladders. Even when used correctly, ladders pose a risk, and this risk is often completely avoidable.

Because of this, Peak Reach & Clean Window Cleaning operates a ladder minimisation policy, not just for window cleaning, but for every aspect of our work.

Simply put, we will make every effort to minimise the use of ladders in the workplace. This involves the use of high reach water-fed poles and other cleaning equipment. Where ladders are needed for access (windows above flat roofs etc.) they will only be used where conditions are suitable, e.g. level ground free from debris and/or slippery residue, and for the shortest duration possible.








Ladder and WaterFed Pole

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